Bellingen Camp Creative January 2018

In the second week of January 2018 Bellingen kicks off the year with Camp Creative, a camp where you can explore your imagination and innovative side. Camp Creative runs from the 8th to the 12th of January and is open to all ages. Over the week a series of tutors hold creative courses which you can immerse yourself and find your inspiration, learning to think through a new perspective.

The courses run each day from 9am until 4pm. The courses are held in Bellingen town, only 15 minutes from Cherrybrook Farm, at the Bellingen high school and Bellingen primary school. The course range from:

* Visual Arts

* Dance

* Music

* Writing

* Crafts

* Imaging

* Voice

* Lifestyle

The cost of the courses range from $143 to $418 for the full 5 days.

Book your Bellingen accommodation at Cherrybrook Farm and stay for Camp Creative .

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